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Winter swimming is an effective stress reliever. It activates the nervous system and releases stress hormones simultaneously improving cold tolerance.

Balancing sympathetic nervous activity it improves your mood, as well as, mental resources. As a by-product, you’ll sleep better in night and relaxation is guaranteed.

This hobby does not only strengthen your body but also improves your resistance to viruses and colds.

This is also a great social way to meet friends. No fancy equipment is needed which makes it quite inexpensive. In the sauna everyone is equal and friendly. Political or religious topics are usually avoided. Language problems are usually non-existent, if you just open your mouth and ask.

All in all, winter swimming keeps your body and mind refreshed.




  • Suitable for almost everyone. If you have problems with heart or blood pressure you should consult your doctor first

  • Some warm-up like jogging or Nordic walking is recommended but not necessary

  • Do not hurry between hot and cold (sauna – ice hole), let your body temperature stabilize by spending some time on the terrace or sitting on a bench available in the porch of the sauna.

  • In the beginning it is all right and recommended only to have a dip. Actual swimming is not required. Do not even think of jumping into the cold water.

  • Cold water may cause breath jamming at first but it is normal, harmless and goes by.

  • Wear warm clothes afterwards in order to avoid cold and take care of hydration by drinking sufficiently. Remember that you will sweat in the sauna.

  • If you are ill or under the influence of alcohol you should not go to swimming.

  • Listen to your body. Do what feels good for you. How often to go to the ice hole or sauna, how long to stay or to enjoy sauna at all is completely up to you.

  • Effects are individual. There are many reasons to enjoy of winter swimming but they may be different from person to person.

  • Winter swimming is strongly social “get-together” happening.

  • No age limits no social boundaries

  • NOTE! Winter swimmers often get hooked on the marvellous feeling and get addicted to it!



Single visit  5 €, 10 ticket booklet 48 €

Membership fee (year) 20 €

Single visit for members 3,50 €, 10 ticket booklet 38 €

Season ticket for spring 80€ and for autumn 60€.

Season tickets for members are sold separately in the fall and spring seasons. Membership with season ticket is the least expensive way to enjoy of winter swimming if you are an active swimmer. 
Ticket booklets are sold at the sauna on the first weekday swimming day of the month, from 15 - 18 hrs, as well as, at the Sportia sports shop at Koskikara shopping center 2nd floor. Pre-payment to bank account of the association with a print-out of the payment, cash and wellness vouchers (Smartum, ePassi) are also accepted, no banking/credit cards.

Opening hours:

Winter swimming season starts at the beginning of October and lasts until end of April every year.

Tuesday       15.00 - 20.00
Thursday      15.00 - 20.00
Sunday        12.00 - 18.00

In November, December and January the opening hours are extended, so the sauna opens one hour earlier on weekdays.


Easiest way to start winter swimming is to come with or without a friend to Apia winter swimming sauna.


To become a member:

Membership is not required. However, you can join anytime at the sauna, the forms needed are there available.

General information:

You should have a positive mind, swimming suit, towel and soap with you. More advanced swimmers may also have swimming shoes, hat, gloves, drinking bottle etc.
We have separate changing rooms for ladies and gentlemans.
To pay for your visit, drop your coins (see prices) to the “piggy bank” and write your name to the list in the changing rooms. We wish to collect visitor statistic. 
Change into your swimming suit and spend your time as you wish.
Remember to drink to avoid dehydration.
Typically a winter swimming visit takes around 1,0 - 1,5 hour but you can stay as you wish.

Remember NEVER to jump into the water head on, or otherwise!
Also do not run on the pier!

If in doubt about anything, do not hesitate to ask anyone. There is always someone who speaks enough English to help.

The lake is frozen approximately from the beginning of December to late March.

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